Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deiva Thirumagal

If you ever decided to watch this movie, it doesn’t matter if it’s at home of cinema, make sure you have sufficient amount of tissue ready with you. It’s somewhat not a typical Tamil movie, but somehow we could see the typical Indian culture and some universal human behavior in the movie.

The movie is about a retarded man, Krishna, who is a father of a little 5 year old girl, Nila. They live in a small village called Avalanchi in the district of Ooty. Bhanu, Nila’s mother died when she was in labour, left her newborn baby with her retarded husband. Somehow working in a chocolate factory and with the help of Raji, a neighbor, Krishna has brought up Nila until the age of 5 when Nila started going to school.

Miss Sweta, the correspondent of Nila’s school, became very bond with her. Miss Sweta has helped Nila with her school and homework. During an anniversary celebration in the school, sweta saw Nila with Krishna who was, to her surprise, the guy her sister, Bhanu, ran away with. Bhanu and Krishna ran away from home because of her father’s disapproval of their love.

Having realize this, Sweta immediately informed her father about the condition. Sweta’s father took Krishna and Nila to Chennai but left Krishna in the middle of the road approximately 30 KM from their destination.

Krishna went all crazy looking for his beloved daughter, until he was so injured that he had to be hospitalized. There, the management managed to find Krishna’s background. Victor, manager of the chocolate factory, told Anu, a lawyer who (later) was willing to help Krishna to get back his daughter.

Anu, who was a junior lawyer, had the courage to fight against a senior lawyer, who was famous for his ways of manipulating data of a case. With the stand of “Krishna is not mentally ill” the case went on with a few hearings until the last hearing where he was exposed to the judge and juries. Anu had fight for Krishna and even though she know that they would not win this case, she wants the father and the daughter to at least meet once.

In the final hearing, when the opposing lawyer was just about to declare his winning statement, the whole crowd in the court room saw the father and daughter reuniting by their secret routine. Finally the lawyer just declared that he has nothing against the custody of the father and the father is capable of bringing up the child. At the end, Krishna will send his daughter to his father-in-law’s house thinking that she would have a normal life there.

It’s a very heart melting movie. Its main theme is “father-daughter relationship” because in the movie, Anu is also having a father-issue. Even though one part of the plot is a bit repetitive, overall the movie was well plotted. We could see the timeline of the movie very clearly.

The songs in this movie are very soothing and calm, especially the “Ariro” song. There are also some unexpected affection analogy which doesn’t bring any significance to the movie but at the same time it brings the spice to the movie. This could be seen in the raining scene whereby Krishna calls Nila by whistling in the rain and when the lighting stroke, Krishna hugged Anu. In a shock, Anu felt a little bit of affection towards Krishna and expressed it in the song “Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil”.

As a conclusion, this is a really good movie and is suitable for all ages and very suitable for fathers and daughters. If I were to be famous one day, this would be my quotation for this movie.

“ The first Tamil movie that made me cry and thought

me that you don’t have to be sane to be a good person”

Muhammad Asyraf Bin Khaja Mohideen,2011.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'M back on blogging!!

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